MasterCard 2 Series BIN Compliance

MasterCard recently introduced their new 2 Series BIN cards, with issuance of these cards beginning as early as the second half of 2017. This is an expansion of MasterCard’s existing 5 Series BIN range. What this means is that moving forward, MasterCard cards will begin with either a 5 or a 2.

How this affects merchants: in order to ensure that a customer is able to use their new 2 Series BIN card, merchants must verify that all terminals/gateways are up to date and support these new cards.

MasterCard has begun field testing to verify 2 BIN compliance at various merchant locations. If a 2 BIN failure is identified due to a product that is not ready to support 2 BIN, MasterCard will require an update to be made and a successful 2 BIN transaction processed by the end of a MasterCard defined “Cure Period” to avoid potential non-compliance fines.

It is also important to verify 2 BIN compliance in order to ensure that customers with 2 BIN cards have a positive payment experience, and to ensure that your business is able to accept all types of MasterCard payment products.

A 2 BIN test card can be requested by emailing

For more information, you can view MasterCard’s 2 BIN FAQ;

As well as MasterCard’s 2 Series BIN website;


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