Because being compliant is good for your business

Learn the basics of compliance with our user-friendly online merchant guide, and protect your business.

What is EMV®?

EMV "smartcards" are replacing magnetic-stripe credit cards in the U.S. as the transition to this global standard for secure processing of credit and debit cards based on microchip technology continues.
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Why do I need to be PCI compliant?

Compliance is mandatory and it's smart. Businesses that are not PCI compliant are at greater risk for security breaches and are subject to heavy penalties. Noncompliance could be the first step to failure.
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What is data breach protection?

$20k - that's the cost of the average data security breach. From there your losses can easily escalate. The Data Breach Security Program protects your business for up to $100k should a breach happen to you.
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Is my hardware & software compliant?

Find out if your credit card processing equipment meets the most current data security standards established by the payment card industry and supported by the federal government.
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