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10 Common Compliance Myths

Merchants are always seeking the magic bullet of security: the one product or service that will make them compliant and keep their data safe. The truth, however, is that compliance is an ongoing series of risk assessments and improvements.  Read more about PCI Compliance Myths…

Getting MasterCard Compliant

The dawn of the Internet in the 1990s put a tremendous amount of information at the fingertips of the average individual. And while the information age has been a time of great opportunity, it is also fraught with peril. In less than 20 years, fraud and identity theft have become major concerns worldwide, creating a tremendous impact on the payment card industry.  Read more about being MasterCard Compliant…

Visa Credit Card Compliance

As a merchant, you’ve heard a lot about PCI compliance and the PCI Data Security Standards. Compliance is vital to keeping credit card and cardholder information safe, but it is a relatively new concept. The data security standards that now govern how credit cards are processed began not long ago as a rigorous set of security protocols within the Visa Corporation.  Read more about Visa Credit Card Compliance…

Security Awareness Training

The ugly truth about data breaches is it’s not so much a matter of if you’ll be a target, but when. The 2008 Study on the Uncertainty of Data Breach Detection in the U.S. by the Ponemon Institute concluded that approximately 80 percent of businesses in this country have been hit at least once by a data breach. That’s why Compliance 101′s Security Awareness Training is so vital to you, your business and your livelihood.  Read more about Security Awareness Training…

MasterCard Authorization Update

Beginning October 14, 2016, MasterCard will introduce new standards for authorization and preauthorization transactions with the singular goal of more efficiently managing the cardholder’s open-to-buy amount on their cards. Currently MasterCard allows for a 15%-20% tolerance between authorization and clearing amounts in many scenarios, non-T&E merchants are unable to process multiple authorizations for a single transaction, and issuers have no way of knowing whether an authorization is a preauthorization, undefined authorization, or final authorization. All three of those are going to change, and the following six rules will explain. Read more about MasterCard Authorization Update…

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